Kia Release New Venga Specification

As expected, Kia announced prices, specification and colours on its all new Kia Venga supermini/MPV.

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Kia Venga Details

Kia are holding their first dealer conference today so we should see more detailed specs on the forth coming Kia Venga MPV.

The conference will also discuss the all new Kia Sorento SUV with prices, specs, colours etc.. to follow.

Both are due to launch 1st February.

In other Kia news the Korean car maker has shown its determination to have another great year by announcing its industry leading 7 year warranty across the entire car range. If that doesn’t have the likes of Ford and GM quaking in their boots then nothing will.

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Hyundai Announce New ‘Editions’ For 2010

Hyundai will release a slurry of special editions in 2010 based on their popular i10, i20 and i30 models.

Badged ‘Edition’ each will deliver unique enhancements with eye catching style and added value within the range.

With VAT due to revert back to 17.5% in January, Hyundai are keen to keep their 2009 sales success going by offering better value, high spec versions through styling enhancements to both interior and exterior, based on it’s mid range Comfort models.

i10 Edition
By far and away Hyundai’s most popular model in 2009 was the Hyundai i10. Selling over 25,000 models or three times it’s projected target in 2009, Hyundai simply ran out of stock but recently announced an improvement in the supply chain.

For just £50 more than a Comfort, the i10 Edition offers fantastic value for money and a real stand out package. A comprehensive specification list is complemented by stylish extras to create a more desirable package and a real incentive to up-sell from the Comfort. Key highlights include:

  • Air conditioning
  • 14″ alloy wheels
  • Remote central locking
  • Electric windows
  • Leather steering wheel and gear knob
  • Body coloured bumper and side mouldings – the first time offered on i10
  • Coloured interior trim

The 1.1 engine ensures that i10 Edition is offered at the most competitive price possible while still providing additional specification over the Comfort. Edition also boasts the lowest insurance costs of any i10 at 2 (1-20 Groups) or 9 (1-50 Groups).

i20 Edition
The new arrival had a slow start to 2009 due to early supply problems but soon set the pace and proved extremely popular with previous owners of the outgoing Hyundai Getz.

The i20 Edition is aimed at the individual who wants an eye catching and stylish car. Offered as a 1.2 petrol and based on the Hyundai i20 3 door and 5 door body styles, it is positioned between the Comfort and Style trims. To really complete an already competitive package, the interior has received special attention, and is now finished with bespoke upholstery featuring high quality genuine leather inserts and contrast stitch detail. Now combining elegant style inside and out, the i20 Edition offers:

  • Air conditioning
  • 15″ alloy wheels
  • ‘Edition’ leather and cloth seat trim with contrast stitching
  • Electric windows
  • ESP
  • Leather steering wheel and gear knob
  • Front fog lights
  • Remote central locking
  • Steering wheel audio controls
  • USB and Aux connections

A price walk of £405 over the Comfort 1.2 offers genuine value for money, and as a final measure to promote even more showroom appeal, we are also offering this special edition in two new colours exclusive to Edition, Ice Blue and Crystal White.

i30 Edition
Completing the group, the i30 Edition is instantly recognisable, featuring a sporty body styling package including all new bumpers, front grille and side skirts. Based on the 2010 MY Comfort, it provides a bridge to the top of the range Premium, and gives customers the option of a dramatic exterior makeover, unique interior details, and some high value extras included in the package:

  • ‘Edition’ exterior styling package
  • 16″ alloy wheels
  • Air conditioning
  • Privacy glass
  • Electric windows
  • ESP
  • Steering wheel audio controls
  • USB and Aux connections
  • Front fog lights
  • Interior styling package – sports pedals and dials, chrome finished gear knob

Available in a range of popular colours and including Crystal White paint, exclusive to this version in the Hyundai i30 range, the stylish package will provide real showroom presence and stand out appeal. And, offered with 1.4 petrol, 1.6 petrol and 1.6 CRDi 115PS engines, the i30 Edition will provide something for all levels of driver from the value seeker to those that demand more performance.

Hyundai will offer all ‘Edition’ models onto its successful scrappage scheme. Prices will start from £6,325 for the i10, £7,915 for the i20 1.2 3dr and £9,995 for the i30 1.4 manual.

The new Edition range goes on sale on 4th January 2010.

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Kia Strike With New Ceed Special Editions

As well as announcing it’s new 2010 pricing structure Kia also launched two special edition models based on the Ceed 5door and sporty 3dr Pro Ceed hatch.

The new Ceed Strike 5dr will be available in three colours including a unique Byte Blue metallic paintwork.

Based around the entry level Ceed 1 with a 1.4 petrol engine, the Strike Limited Editions will include additonal equipment such as 16inch ‘Dark’ grey alloy wheels as well as Bluetooth and iPod connectivity. Other key features include remote central locking, body coloured door handles and air conditioning. Prices start at £10,995 OTR.

The Pro Ceed Strike will feature the same equipment as the 5dr hatch but with the addition of a rear boot spoiler. Available in unique Byte Blue metallic, Infra Red and Arctic white the Pro Ceed Strike will set a new entry price point for the Ceed range at £10,695 OTR.

With the VAT rising back to 17.5%, car manufacturers are desperately trying to keep the cost of vehicles down. To ensure they remain competitive Kia have set the Ceed Strike’s price point by fixing the dealer margin, and like all its special editions, will not be supported by additional bonuses. As much as its network of dealers would like to make money, a lot are in favour of this strategy as it prevents desperate discounting which ultimately hurts the resale value. Not that Kia need any help shifting metal right now.

As they always say in motoring circles ‘today’s discount is tomorrows depreciation’.

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Mazda 3 Gets High 5

The all new Mazda 3 has achieved a 5 star EuroNCAP safety rating.

Meeting a more stringent evaluation system that awards a single overall vehicle safety rating, the new Mazda 3 achieved maximum scores in four key areas of assessment: Adult Occupant Protection, Child Protection, Pedestrian Protection and Safety Assist.

Mazda 3 is the second Mazda model to be awarded the five-star maximum rating under the new Euro NCAP evaluation system. The new Mazda 6 received five stars in February 2009. Mazda 2 and Mazda 5 received a maximum ranking of five stars for Adult Occupant Protection from Euro NCAP in December 2007 and 2005 respectively.

The new Mazda 3 inherits and evolves these characteristics and, with this recognition from Euro NCAP, is among the safest cars in the important European compact segment.

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Hyundai Announce 2010 i30

Hyundai released details of its new 2010 Hyundai i30 hatchback today.

Due to be launched on the 4th January 2010, Hyundai will streamline the range offering a new entry level price point, better equipment levels and consistent price walks between trim levels.

The repositioning includes the introduction of a Classic trim as well as deletion of the Style and adjustments to the specification of the Comfort and Premium trims. The new i30 Classic will be the entry model to the range, and will be available with the existing 1.4 petrol engine and a new 1.6 CRDi 90PS diesel engine.

The Classic 1.4 petrol will be available from £12,000 OTR, positioning it at a lower price point than the 2009 MY Comfort whilst retaining a competitive level of standard specification such as ESP, air conditioning and electric front windows.

The i30 Classic 1.6 CRDi 90PS will be available from £12,950 OTR, reducing the price entry point of the diesel range by £1,140.

In between the Comfort and Premium will sit the 2010 special edition, designed to broaden i30′s appeal, generate showroom interest and act as a bridge between the volume and top specification levels.

Cost of ownership

The i30 continues to offer unrivalled value for the retail customer, delivering competitive pricing combined with very low total ownership costs, competitive fuel economy and CO2 emissions plus the benefit of a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty.

For the company car driver, the 2010 model year range is an equally attractive proposition, with low P11D values and competitive CO2 emissions. The Comfort 1.6 CRDi 115PS will cost the 40% tax payer £723 per year, £466 less than a similarly specified Citroen C4.

Introduction of Intelligent Stop & Go technology

Available from the 2010 model year, Intelligent Stop & Go technology (ISG) will be introduced as a special order option on all models with manual transmission. This technology will reduce CO2 emissions and lower VED taxation for selected models. Highlights include:

  • CO2 emissions of the new Classic 1.6 CRDi 90PS reduce from 115 to 110 g/km, allowing businesses a 100% year one capital write-down allowance
  • CO2 emissions of the Comfort 1.6 CRDi 115PS Estate reduce from 124 to 119 g/km, saving the customer £85 per year in road tax
  • Improvements in fuel economy of up to 10% on the Hatchback and 14% on the Estate

The new Hyundai i30 range goes on sale on 4th January 2010.

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Kia’s New GDi Engine

88 million pounds and 46 mths later enter the new GDi engine from Kia.

Putting the Kia & Hyundai brands at the cutting edge of engine design and management the GDi needed to achieve three seemly incompatible goals: lower emissions while raising power output and improving fuel economy.

Based on the new Theta II family of units, the first engine to go to market is the 2.4 litre four cylinder unit with a compression ratio of 11.3:1, delivering 201ps at 6300rpm and 25.5kg.m of torque at 4250rpm in its initial Korean domestic market specification.

It’s likely that the new 2010 Sorento & Santa Fe from Hyundai will get these engines when full production gets underway by the end of 2010.

GDI explained

One serious limitation of conventional fuel injection systems is that as engine revolutions increase, the valve opening and closing times get progressively shorter, thus reducing the time available to inject fuel. GDI avoids this problem altogether by positioning the fuel injector in the most optimal location, directly inside the combustion chamber to offer unparalleled precision. With this shorter and more direct path, far greater control is attained over the combustion process: A high pressure fuel pump injects the fuel at pressures of up to 150 bar, in precise amounts and intervals.

The injection is split into two phases to achieve optimum combustion: in the first phase, the pilot injection and ignition trigger the piston’s downward power stroke. Then, in the main injection phase, during the piston’s descent, more fuel is injected and is ignited.

This split-injection technique reduces loading on the catalytic converter and helps lower emissions. This is particularly beneficial during cold starts when emissions are highest because the catalyst has not reached its optimal operating temperature. Split-injection enables the catalytic converter to reach the optimal operating temperature faster thus reducing emissions by 25 percent during cold starts and meet’s California Air Resources Board’s ULEV-2 and PZEV standards.

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New Peugeot Dealers Add 107 Accessories

SG Petch, the new name for Peugeot in Darlington, County Durham, have begun adding a range of genuine Peugeot Accessories to their online store.

The family run company has now expanded its portfolio to 12 manufacturers with Nissan coming earlier in 2010. Peugeot have always had strong representation in Darlington but after Williamson’s Motors relinquished the franchise the french manufacturer hasn’t had any real presense other than a brief spell with the Evans Halshaw group.

John Sedgwick, General Manager at SG Petch Darlington said: “Although it’s still early days we’ve been inundated with customers enquiring about the Peugeot range and aftersales facilities. Work on the new showroom will begin soon giving us more of a visual presence from passing traffic. And adding the Peugeot accessories range to our online store now, will help new and existing Peugeot customers find what they want after normal working hours.”

The company are still in the process of adding the full accessory and parts range but new visitors to the site can take advantage of a 10% discount on Peugeot 107 Accessories.

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Mazda’s i-Stop Is A Show Stopper

Idling stop technology has been around for sometime albeit in more expensive cars. Now it’s finding its way into more afordable transport thanks to friends of the earth and people obsessed with lowering emissions.

Mazda introduced their all new Mazda 3 with i-stop technology this year, as part of its future green technology strategy, and now its won an award.

The 2009 Automotive Researchers’ and Journalists’ Conference of Japan (RJC) presented Mazda with the Technology of the Year award for developing a system which restarts in just 0.35 seconds, that’s twice as fast as other competing systems.

The new Mazda 3 with i-stop offers approximately 15 percent improved fuel economy compared to the previous model when tested under Japan’s 10-15 mode test cycle. Mazda 3 models with i-stop also qualify for Japan’s eco-car incentive program as well as tax reductions of 75 percent under the government’s eco-car tax reduction program. Almost half of the total Mazda3 sales volume in Japan to date has been i-stop models.

The Automotive Researchers’ and Journalists’ Conference of Japan, a non-profit organization (NPO), was established in 1990. It aims to contribute to the development of the automotive industry through various activities, including the recognition of outstanding vehicles and technologies by the Car of the Year selection committee.

Automotive technologies eligible for the 2009 RJC Technology of the Year competition must be introduced to the market in vehicles sold between November 1, 2008, and October 31, 2009. This is the third time that Mazda has won the RJC Technology of the Year award. Previously, Mazda won for its Miller-cycle engine (used in the Eunos 800) in 1993 and for the RENESIS Rotary engine (for the RX-8) in 2003.

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Couple Name Baby Kia

When an expectant mother started going into labour at 2am in the morning, a quick call to her mother had them racing up the motorway en-route to hospital in her Kia Carens.

With a nervous dad onboard things had progressed somewhat and at 04:30am Samantha gave birth to a healthy baby girl weighing in at 6lbs 7ozs in the back of the Carens.

When Kia UK found out they presented the couple with a brand new shiny top of the range Carens. Nice gesture i have to say.

But that’s not all. They also threw in two sets of waterproof seat covers and two car-car bags to keep their new Carens, and Grannie’s, nice and shiny.

And the new baby’s name? Kia of course!!

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