Fiat’s TwinAir is engine of the year

As much as i like big engined cars, the one good thing to come out of the EU’s new emission standards is the advancement in engine technology.

Take Fiats new TwinAir engine that has just been added to the 500 range. Now i’m not the greatest fan of Fiat cars but if this new engine doesn’t win prizes for engine of the year then something’s wrong.

Without going all technical, they’ve removed two cylinders from their traditional 4 cylinder inline unit trimming 367 cc off the engine capacity. Thrown a turbo charger in for good measure which has increased the power output from 69 to 85 bhp and improved torque by 43 Nm’s and its all available at lower revs where it matter most.

But that’s not all. Fuel economy has increased from 65.7 mpg (extra urban cycle) to 76.3 mpg whilst all the time increasing in the vehicles kerb weight.

That’s impressive by any standards. Of course the upshot is the 500 TwinAir range drops below that crucial 100 g/km CO2 threshold (95 g/km), making it exempt from road tax, and probably congestion charges in 2011.

And all this without fiddling with the tyres and throwing a rear seat out of the window. Well done Fiat!

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