More pictures of ix20 emerge

At a private press meeting fleet buyers got a closer look at the new Hyundai ix20 in all its glory.

ix20 with panoramic roofThe images reveal a Panoramic sunroof as well as a diesel version sporting the Blue Drive technology badging.

In less than a  week Hyundai will take the wrappers off its new b-segment people carrier at the Paris motor show, although its hardly been a secret has it?

A quick glance at the ix20 shows a lot of the design queues have been taken from the ix35 crossover, as well as baring a striking resemblance to the Kia Venga. Given both companies are partners this is understandable.

The ix20 replaces the outgoing and aging Matrix and as you’d expect, offers more in terms of arm and leg room, power, performance and economy without increasing its carbon footprint.

However, it’s in the value stakes where the ix20 will be tested the most. Sales of the Venga have been slow to date given the £12,000 price tag and the well established Ceed range cannibalising sales with better value for money offerings.

With the i30 now one of it’s best selling models, Hyundai could find themselves in a similar situation unless they get the ix20 pricing right from the off. If they get that wrong then i can’t see Hyundai having the same supply issues with the ix20 as they are with the ix35.

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3 Responses to More pictures of ix20 emerge

  1. Johnclave says:

    hyundai i x20 has a great looks but the interior space is not that impressive

  2. Change Rules F1 says:

    I think the mix of black and grey looks classic and old school. I’m not sure if the look beats those that Infiniti can offer, but it’s going there, it seems.

  3. truck repair los angeles says:

    Nice find! That is a good looking car. Thanks for sharing!

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