Mazda 2 Upgrade

Mazda will refresh its Mazda 2 supermini with an official launch in October 2010.


Since its launch in 2007, the Mazda 2 has earned praise around the world winning the 2008 World Car Of The Year Award. It’s now the best selling car in the Mazda range. However, it’s time for a facelift and model refresh if the Japanese car maker is to exceed its projected UK target of 15,000 sales.

Following dealer feedback, Mazda have taken the decision to permanently introduce the Tamura derivatives. These models were initially offered as special editions but will now form part of the standard line up. Also new to the range will be an automatic, strangely omitted from the current line up, based on the 1.5 102 ps petrol engine, featuring a 4-speed gearbox and available in TS2 trim only.

Fuel economy will be improved by 2% on the 1.3 petrol engine bringing it down to 119 g/km inline with most manufacturers 1.o to 1.2 litre engines which is pretty impressive. CO2 emissions have decreased to just 110 g/km on the 1.6 diesel models. This all means lower Road Fund Licence and better fuel efficiency. The upgraded Mazda 2 models also meet the stringent EURO Stage V emission standards.

The upgraded Mazda 2 will take on a consistent five-point family face in the lower grille, which has become common across the Mazda range. Newly shaped front fog-lamp bezels and a bolder Mazda badge in the upper grille, integrated into the front bumper, complement the larger lower five-point grille. New 15″ wheels trims and 16″ alloys have been redesigned to give it a fresh contemporary and dynamic sporty look.

Interior has been tweaked to be more refined and of a higher quality. The centre console has been developed using a piano-black finish and chrome accents to provide a premium feel. New finishes on heavily used areas like the steering wheel now feature a black face meter with black inserts.

Seat trim changes reflect a more youthful design. The Sport model seats are complemented with red piping between the middle and side areas to create a stronger sense of sportiness, whilst TS, TS2 and Tamura grades will feature a sporty red line pattern cloth trim.

Driving Dynamics
The Mazda 2 has always been an excellent handling little car but Mazda plan to improve this even further. Revised trailing arm bushes and dampers on the rear suspension will provide more assured drive rigidity and stability. Overall these improvements will offer a more “suppressed” response to differing road surfaces to create a more refined ride.

Environmental Improvements
Engine improvements include the use of lower viscosity engine oil and small revisions to the higher gear ratios through 2nd and 5th gears, which deliver improvements in CO2: down to 119 g/km from 125 g/km and slightly improved fuel economy (+2%). The impressive 1.6 diesel unit now produces 110 g/km and an equally impressive 67.3 mpg on the combined cycle.

Incorporation of a catalyst in the mid exhaust system helps reduce CO2 emissions making the upgraded Mazda 2 a friendlier car to the environment, which helped gain EURO Stage V status.

Reinforced C-pillars increase rigidity, without increasing weight, which results in improved cabin protection for passengers. The upgraded Mazda 2 carries over some of the best in class safety features in the supermini segment. The Traction Control System (TCS) and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) are now standard on the Sport and TS2 automatic models. All models will feature dual front and side curtain airbags as standard.

Upgraded Mazda 2 Range
The Tamura and automatic TS2 will be available in 5 door bodystyle from launch. Mazda plan to allocate preview models of the Automatic in September when production starts in August, given that the outgoing model does not feature an automatic.

Mazda 2 5dr petrol will be available from August with the 3 door following from September production. The 1.6 diesel will be available from October.

Full model line up (petrol):

  • TS – 1.3 – 75 PS – 3&5 door
  • TS2 – 1.3 – 84 PS – 3&5 door
  • Tamura – 1.3 – 84 PS – 3&5 door
  • TS2 Auto – 1.5 – 102 PS – 5 door only
  • Sport – 1.5 – 102 PS – 3&5 door

Full model line up (diesel):

  • Sport – 1.6 – 93 PS – 5 door only

The upgraded Mazda 2 will continue with the same high specification as the outgoing model but with the following changes:

  • Trip computer standard on TS2, Tamura and Sport models
  • Mazda family face
  • Mazda 2 1.5 5dr TS2 Automatic features DSC as standard
  • Mazda 2 1.3 5dr Tamura features Sports Styling Pack including rear spoiler and 16″ alloy Sports wheels.

Colours & Pricing
The upgraded Mazda 2 will feature a new launch colour, Aquatic Blue. Aurora Blue and Passion Orange will be removed from the range but all other colours will remain the same.

Pricing has yet to be confirmed although Mazda will try to keep it inline with the outgoing range with minor increases which will be balanced by new features and environmental improvements.

Launch Timings
On sale from October 2010, the launch planning schedule will include:

  • UK press release – 13th Sept
  • Price lists – Oct
  • Official launch – Late October
  • European press launch – 1-5th November

Dealers will start seeing the first deliveries around 11th October.

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