Nissan Juke exceeds sales target

It would seem Nissan’s initial target of 1300 Juke units was a little conservative judging by pre-orders in Japan.

Of course the Japanese love their cars as much as we do and the quirkier the better.

That being said, whoever did the market research for Nissan must be hiding under a table right now.

A quote from Nissan’s PR team:

“So who’s going to be driving Juke?
He’s the retrosexual male – a traditionally masculine, proud, stylish, assertive, competitive,
cut-to-the-chase kind of guy. He’s in his early 20s, the original male who works hard and plays hard, adding his own spin to ensure he stays progressive and modern.”

Not judging by the stats he ain’t.

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One Response to Nissan Juke exceeds sales target

  1. Franklin says:

    You won’t see me driving the Juke! Or the Leaf for that matter. Everyone around here drives big cars and I would be nervous to drive a small car for safety.

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