Hyundai i10 Supply Chain Improving

Scrappage has had a massive impact on Hyundai sales this year. In fact it’s given the Korean car maker such a boost that it would have taken years and millions more pounds in advertising to have achieved the sort of market share that it has gained from the Government backed scheme.

Hyundai have sold almost two years of production in a matter of months and the sheer magnitude of this success has had a knock on effect. In fact it’s a credit to the logistical mastery of the Korean’s that they’ve been able to even manage it.

At the beginning of the year Hyundai provided a sales commitment to the factories which totalled 32,500 vehicles, by the end of the year that figure will reach in excess of 55,000 vehicles.

The best selling model in particular is the Hyundai i10 where Hyundai set a target of 8,000 cars but sold in excess of 25,000. That’s almost three years of production in a few months.

With 13,000 back orders it’s only natural that customers & dealers are getting frustrated. Some customers are calling the dealerships to complain, some are even calling Hyundai directly.

However the situation is improving with commitment from the factory to secure additional allocation of i10 and i20 derivatives for December production. This means that Hyundai will be able to supply these vehicles for January delivery.

So if your a customer who’s still waiting to pick up your new Hyundai, just hang on a little longer, it’ll all be worth the wait in the end.

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2 Responses to Hyundai i10 Supply Chain Improving

  1. Used RVs says:

    This is the great news for the consumers who waiting for Hyundai i10. I think after improving supply chain there will be no need to wait for long time & because of this it increase the selling percentage.

    Thank You sharing info.

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