Lower Emissions For Picanto

In an act of environmentalism, Kia have found a way to reduce the emissions on it’s recently facelifted Kia Picanto supermini…rip one of the back seats out!!

Although the move isn’t as drastic as it first sounds, the weight saving exercise is enough to push the emissions down to just 118g/km CO2 bringing it into VED tax band B, which costs the customer just £35 per year.

Currently Kia offer a 4-seat version on the basic Picanto 1.0 and 5-seats on the Picanto 2 & 3 variants.

Special Edition Picanto

The first production model to adopt this comes in the way of the new Picanto Chill. A special edition which includes air conditioning, remote central locking, iPod compatibility and a snazzy array of colours including a special blue paint.

This version also becomes exempt from the London Congestion Charge in the planned changes to the system due for introduction in October 2008. The automatic remains in tax band C with CO2 of 143g/km, costing £120 per year.

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  1. Best Trucks says:

    Great to see auto makers doing what they can to help with global warming and preserving our enviorment.

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